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We have been honoured to work with many great brands and teams to take their projects to the next level. Along our journey, we have learnt much and collected a realm of data which fuels our strategy and innovations moving forwards.
See The Business Results We Deliver
See The Business Results We Deliver
A software development company working with Fortune 500 companies.
A digital bank.
An open trading platform for virtually all derivatives.
A new Bitcoin hard fork based on a proof-of-stake, optimally improved ledger.
Greentech innovation center combined with blockchain marketplace.
Fresh pastries, coffee, signature drinks and food, varied menu.
\social media marketing & video production
\digital strategy, social media marketing
\digital strategy, content marketing, social media marketing
\social media marketing
\social media marketing
Fitness club created by professional athletes.
\social media marketing
Gestuz is a Danish fashion brand creating attainable luxury for the modern woman.
\social media marketing
A one-stop digital asset management services platform.
\social media marketing
Turn mobile games into chart-topping hits.
\social media marketing
An art investment platform and marketplace based on blockchain technology.
\fundraising, social media marketing
Jackwood is a manufacture of modern and unique customized furniture.
\social media marketing
\content marketing, branding
An innovative long-term token-rewards program.
\digital strategy, content marketing, social media marketing
Void is a café in Saudi Arabia, which is placed right next to gaming club.
\social media marketing
Gage Diamonds offers qualitative jewelry, that makes happy every person who gets it.
\social media marketing
\content marketing & social media marketing
A global top ten cryptocurrency exchange with $1 billion daily trading volume.
\social media marketing
A global leader in cryptocurrency mining.
Yoga Club connects you with your soul through the techniques of Yoga.
\social media marketing
The client company specializes in interior design.
An innovative long-term token-rewards program.
A digital asset built on top of a faster and more scalable blockchain.
\digital strategy, content marketing, social media marketing
\growth hacking, social media marketing, content marketing
\complex promotion
A decentralised global content ecosystem with equal revenue distribution.
A world-class crypto trading exchange.
\customer support
\content marketing, branding
A unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.
\social media marketing
ESports center, that offers best competitive gaming environment and all necessary facilities and tools.
\social media marketing
Interior design, architecture, furniture, renovation from one company.
\social media marketing
Elite Residential Complex.
\complex promotion
A smart contract manager, compliance facilitator powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
\community management
A platform for crypto real-estate investment.
\digital strategy, pr, media relations
A digital asset built on top of a faster and more scalable blockchain.
\content marketing
The world's first OTC token market.
\digital strategy, growth hacking
E-commerce fashion brand that proves it's possible to buy clothes more thoughtfully, carefully, and consciously.
\social media marketing
The power company that is changing the face of energy.
\social media marketing
First official Redken salon in Belarus, Zaharad.
\social media marketing
Company that produces furniture and artificial stone.
\social media marketing
Luxury organic skincare cosmetics brand.
\social media marketing
Influencer in the Belarusian fashion sphere.
\social media marketing
See more recent visual content our team produced.
The company released a new product and needed to introduce it to the audience. A laconic video came in handy.

Result: The video was placed on the client's social media, as well as advertised on many relevant communities with a warmed-up TA. This approach let us enrich the client's community with enthusiastic users.
We created an advertising video to introduce the company to the audience.

Result: The video was advertised on many relevant channels to acquaint users with the new market player, as well as demonstrate the advantages of the new product.
This video was designed to help BintexFutures promote BNTX, the company's native token, during its IEO.

Result: The video helped drive token sales, as well as increase the audience's interest in the company and its products.
Our team made a screen-capture video to introduce the company's new product and explain how it works.

Result: The video was distributed to the company's social media profiles and some relevant groups, which informed people about the new feature and how to benefit from it.
We created this video to introduce a new service upgrade from BitForex, a top-10 global cryptocurrency exchange.

Result: The video presented the new product to the audience and helped expand the community of users. The product video for BitForex got more than 200,000 views and attracted more than 350 new traders.
We decided to proceed with a live format for BintexFutures' advertising video because this format is much appreciated in the space.

Result: The video successfully drove the website traffic, thus bringing new active users to the platform. The client was happy to see that the project's core value became the idea of the video.
Our team designed an explainer video for the company's new service.

Result: The video was used for advertising and attracted new clients by explaining the company's complicated mechanics in an easy and captivating way. With this video, the price per follower dropped by 45%. We also used it for paid promotions—the average CTR was about 14%.
We created an advertising graphic video that introduces 3WM, a French eco-tech center, to the audience and explains its mission.

Result: The video was used for promotions and a presentation at a conference organized by 3WM in France. Now it is placed on the company's website and successfully attracts new investors by providing them with information about the project. The CTR increased by 15%, and the organic reach was more than 100,000.
We continue generating awesome ideas for BitForex! This video was made to promote a new project – EasySwap. Cryptocurrency is not a physical material, so it's not an easy task to make a visual concept out of nothing. But our designers are always ready to generate new illustrations and associations to make creative and clear content!
We made a video that highlights our latest content solutions that we created for our clients.

You can see the full portfolio here:
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We created an informative video that describes the company's innovative applications in the construction industry.

Result: This video was used at a workshop organized by Intellectsoft, and it pushed the attendees to start working with the company because it covered the most relevant industry issues. With the help of this video, the company's followers increased by 3,400 people.
This video was created to announce the launch of a new BitForex project in the Premium Turbo section.

Result: This video helped BitForex attract an audience and inform them about the new product's features and benefits. Our team increased the engagement rate and organic impressions, as well.

We designed this advertising video for Bankera to help the company introduce a new branch of the project to a new audience and outline the main benefits of this service.

Result: This video increased CTR and attracted a new audience to the company's social media pages. We used this video for advertising, and it got the best results compared to those of others—the CTR was about 19%, and the cost per follower was about $0.60 (USA).
The aim of this video was to visually illustrate the company's impressive scale.

Result: The video outlined the specificities of the exclusive distribution provided by Bit5ive and explained the company's geographic advantages to a new audience. This engaging advertising video turned more than 15% of people who watched it into Bit5ive social media followers.
Our team decided to leave the traditional approach behind, and created a provocative advertising video full of irony and humor, and presenting the client's product in the most beneficial way.
This video introduced BTCO, the native token of the bitcoin hard fork BitcoinOil, to the audience and the crypto market.

Result: The video was shared around the crypto space and successfully attracted interested followers and users to both the company's website and its social media profiles.
We created the video to give basic information about innovative service that makes art investments available for everyone.

This video became a part of several advertising campaigns that showed outstanding performances. The CTR increased by 15%, and organic reach grew by more than 100,000.
The purpose of this video was to explain the most important facts about Vertex ICO.

Result: This video was part of a campaign that created a trustworthy and solid image for the company and attracted users to the website. This advertising video for Vertex got more than 200,000 views and attracted more than 350 new traders.
We created this video to introduce the company to the marketplace and attract investors to participate in the upcoming ICO.

Result: The video was distributed to various online platforms and caught a lot of attention, which was proven by the increased CTR. We used this video for advertising, and it got inspiring results: the CTR was about 16%, and cost per follower about $0.75 (UK, Europe).
This video was created to introduce a new branch of BitForex: MetaTrader 5, or MT5.

Result: The video helped the program attract a relevant audience of people interested in beneficial trading, as well as recruit 500 BitForex MT5 Affiliate Partners worldwide.
The video was designed to introduce a new service from the BitForex cryptocurrency exchange.

Result: The video was shared on the company's social media channels to inform the audience about the new product and teach them how to use it. User activity helped the video get 150,000 views and bring in new loyal users.
Intellectsoft (USA) turned to us for an informative explainer video about healthcare technology trends in the COVID-19 era.

Result: This video was used to promote the company's healthcare industry software solutions and has achieved great results. Now, Intellectsoft works with more than 500 loyal clients and continues to increase the amount of healthcare industry companies it works with.
We created a short and informative video using infographics to explain the essence of the project to the customers.

Results: We increased the CTR by 17% and the engagement rate by 500%. The average cost per follower decreased by 51%.
This video was produced by our team to introduce and promote the crowdfunding campaign for Tozex, a resident company of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals.

Results: The video successfully attracted new users and investors, helping the campaign achieve very impressive results: more than $2 million was invested in the project.
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