Jackwood is a manufacturer of modern and unique customized furniture. The company found a way to display mood and character with wood and stone. No matter what it is—a chair, wardrobe, or table—Jackwood creates real masterpieces.
higher engagement rate
greater average check
increase in organic traffic from Social Media
The Ask
The main request was to create a community of people who truly love the Jackwood style and appreciate its quality. Our client also needed help creating a visual strategy; there was a lot of concept art and photos but no straight, clear, and attractive packaging and structure.
Create a visual concept and templates for the profiles
Raise activity levels and engage new users
Set up targeted advertising on Instagram
Explain the value of the product with informative and educational content
Establish community support
Manage the company's reputation and increase customer loyalty
Our Approach
With started with a team brainstorm and worked in two areas: visual content and text content. Our designers deeply researched the company's aesthetic and brand book, our copywriters researched the theme, and our analysts researched the TA and competitors. Next, we matched all the knowledge and created the strategy.

After creating various pieces of content that satisfied the TA's needs, we had to attract people and get the content noticed. We set up a few advertising campaigns, used crowd-marketing methods, and reached Instagram trends.

higher engagement rate

more average checks

increase in organic traffic from social media
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